I’m a London-based journalist and Community Manager for the Financial Times. I believe in participatory journalism and the promise of reader comments.


selected work


The Financial Times

The trillion-dollar taboo: why it’s time to stop ignoring mental health at work – Stress is costing businesses and claiming lives, so why do employees feel unsafe asking for help? An eight month investigation (7.2019)

Europe Talks: antagonists meet up to argue over EU’s future – thousands of FT readers connect with Europeans across the continent in a massive experiment in empathy (5.2019)

Lunch with the FT: Artist Alex Katz: “I’m 91, for crissakes, and I’m cranking out paintings” (11.2018)

Finding my Armenia, a century after the genocide – I am half Armenian. My grandfather and great grandparents survived the Armenian Genocide. Like many in the diaspora, my family had never made the trip to Armenia. In September, we went. It was moving, delightful, complex. So I wrote about it (11.2018)

Weathering the Financial Crisis – how seven lives were changed – We asked FT readers who were hit hardest by the financial crisis to tell us about their experiences. More than 200 responded. Here is a nuanced portrait of the long-term effects of the crisis, told from seven points of view (9.2018)

Millennials discuss why they cannot afford to buy homes (7.2018)

Your most pressing sleep questions, answered  (5.2018)

Why I started a bullet journal – and so should you  (2.2018)

The Future of Italy, in the words of voters – a collaboration with Italian newspaper La Stampa  (12.2017)

The Future of Europe Project  – project managed a collaboration between FT experts and students of six universities from Krakow to Athens, Berlin, Paris, Dublin and Milan, which included publishing winning essays from six students alongside our columnists, and coordinating five events (11.2017)

Harassment in the workplace: FT readers share their experiences (11.2017)

The line between hate and debate online is difficult to draw – a column on the complexities of comment moderation (8.2017)

Do company diversity programmes actually help women get ahead? (4.2017)

Dutch election: in the words of voters – a collaboration with Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad (3.2017)

Future of Britain Project: ideas for guiding Britain through Brexit – project managed a two month long essay contest that solicited more than 800 ideas for Britain’s future post-Brexit, and culminated in publishing six winning essays and a large live-streamed event at Twitter (11.2016)

EU citizens in UK fear for jobs ahead of Brexit talks (10.2016)

Young people reflect on why they skipped Brexit (7.2016)

What do British expats think of Brexit? (6.2016)


Confused by the Greek crisis? Imagine having to teach it to schoolchildren (7.2015)

With Greece's healthcare system in ruins, people turn to illegal free clinics (8.2015)

Buzzfeed News

What 9 Ordinary Greeks Want You To Know About Them: it's hard when you're watching the news to forget that these high level economic decisions are affecting 11 million human beings. (7.2015)

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 6.04.24 PM.png


Where are young Greek doctors finding work? Germany – on the current medical brain drain in Greece. (7.2015)



Public Radio International

Q&A with Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris – this tattoo'd, Converse-wearing mayor has been doing it differently from the Greek establishment for years. (Press play.) (7.15)

Greek activists mobilize on social media to help migrants when the government doesn’t (8.15)

Pessimism and optimism in Greece after the latest bailout deal (Press play.) (7.15)

How the cash crisis in Greece is affecting ordinary people (Press play.) (7.15)



The Guardian - Keep it in the Ground

Worked on The Guardian's campaign to encourage major charities to divest from fossil fuels. Brainstormed and executed creative ways to use the skills and stories of our 210,000 supporters to further the campaign, which won the 2015 British Journalism Award.

Open interactive: Meet #keepitintheground supporters – an interactive map to share the most compelling stories of our supporters, in order to humanize and connect them and emphasize the global reach of the campaign. (5.15)

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 6.11.01 PM.png

#GroundUp: For one week, the campaign dedicated its coverage to stories of young people inheriting the worst impacts of climate change. I was the editorial point person for this project. Among my clips:

Guardian US

Stormproofing the City series: Important events like Hurricane Sandy remind us how much we depend on the complex systems that govern our lives. But these systems are often opaque and hidden, visible only when they fail. Working with the Guardian and advised by my NYU graduate course, I worked to expose and explain a system – the one protecting NYC against future storms – through a series of six interviews with people making it run. (10.14)


Meet the people behind your Thanksgiving traditions: I interviewed and photographed seven of the people who bring us Thanksgiving - including turkey farmers, a train conductor, and the designer of the Macy's Day Parade. (11.14)

Callout: Scots from around the world (Malawi, Catalonia, Texas) reflect on watching the independence referendum from afar. (9.14)

Visualizing a future: I asked four top architects to sketch and describe their vision for Obama's presidential library, based on his legacy. (8/14)

Unpack an issue: Maureen Dowd had an awful, and common, existential pot brownie experience. I asked a Cannabis testing lab why potency is unreliable, and what reliable will look like in a regulated world. (6.14)

Community building: A short, very successful series of open threads for the bored deskbound worker on a hot summer day – looking to provide relief from a difficult news cycle. (8.14)

Giving context for news: In their own words, 12 candidates for the HIV prevention pill Truvada describe their decision to accept or reject a prescription. (8.14)

Guardian US - culture reporting

Pre-Emmys Battle for the best TV show: I pitched, designed and ran this week-long interactive user feature, with no development resources, to run alongside the Guardian's Emmys coverage. It was the Guardian's first experiment with brackets, and was incredibly successful: 50% of viewers voted. 20% of them signed up for email reminders future rounds. 56% of those people came back to vote again. (8.14)


Designing Gotham: the production designer for the popular Fox TV show breaks down exactly how he created the look and feel of Batman's home. (10.14)

Listen to This: This series features podcast recommendations from me & from readers, each of which included a short interview with the host. (Summer '14)

Interview with Dan Savage: Savage's interview for Listen to This veered off topic & into gender politics, which we made its own post. Fascinating conversations ensued in the comments. (7.14)

Interview with New Yorker music critic: Sasha Frere-Jones ran me through some of his popular picks in his #perfectrecordings. (9/14)

Find all of my clips for the Guardian here.

New York Magazine's Bedford + Bowery

You Know These New Yorkers, But Can You Guess Who They’re Voting For? (11/13)

Here’s Our Mondo Map of How, Why (and Whether!) 300 Of Your Neighbors Are Voting for Mayor [Interactive Map] (11/13)