I’m a London-based journalist and Community Manager for the Financial Times. I believe in participatory journalism and the promise of reader comments.


Nice to meet you.


Lilah Raptopoulos

I'm a New York-based journalist and community editor for the Financial Times, where my job is to build the relationship between journalists and readers. It's a job that combines comment strategy with other forms of reader participation – focusing keenly on how we can use our readers to help inform our reporting. I believe in comments, building trust in journalism, and that the smartest person in the room…is the room.

Beyond the FT, I've written for Guardian, the FT, Buzzfeed News, Quartz and Fusion, and Public Radio International. I reported on the financial crisis in Thessaloniki, Greece, was a member of The Guardian's British Journalism Award-winning Keep it in the Ground campaign and was community fellow with Guardian US.

My love for journalism runs deep: in high school I helped develop our first journalism class and ran the newspaper, and at Connecticut College I took the student run newspaper, which was the butt of many jokes, and helped developed it into an active, award-winning print and digital publication with more than a hundred contributors. I also developed a self-designed interdisciplinary major called New Media Studies, fascinated by how the internet was changing our relationship with each other and our news. After a few years in finance, I returned to school in 2013 for an MA in Journalism from NYU's Studio 20 graduate program for digital innovation, where I studied under Jay Rosen and Clay Shirky. That was cool.

Great to meet you. Want to chat? lilahrap@gmail.com




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